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Get to know the concept of smart living housing which is currently increasingly in demand by modern society. The concept of smart living is actually the automation of various aspects of life, starting from the house / residence, transportation to the whole city.

The growth of the property sector ranging from commercial buildings, apartments to housing continues to increase and not a few property developers offer the concept of smart living as a selling point.

This is considered to be in line with the activities of urban communities which are demanded to be fast and practical. For those of you who want to start implementing the smart living concept, here we summarize the aspects that must be understood to realize a smart home;

One aspect that should be considered in creating a smart living home is comfort. This is a philosophy as well as a basic function that is mandatory to meet the comfort needs of its residents.

This can be realized by doing several things, starting from adjusting lighting, furniture layout, choosing paint that gives positive energy. You can also apply the technology by installing an automated device that can be connected to a cell phone. For example, air conditioners, lights, washing machines and kitchen appliances that can be turned on automatically

Another aspect that is no less important in creating a smart living residence is security. In this aspect, smart living is usually presented by adding technological devices to the residence. Occupants can apply a double lock system while installing monitoring technology, alarms, automatic locks, and optimizing lighting in the home area.

In the concept of smart living residential, healthy aspects can be realized in terms of architecture and building form. A healthy dwelling must have a good ventilation system to allow air to flow easily in the house.

In addition to ensuring air quality, the need for natural light from sunlight must also be considered to maintain the health of the occupants of the house. One thing that can be done is to install large glass windows, this is also effective in reducing electricity consumption.

Not only that, the drainage system and garbage disposal must also be considered so that the home environment remains clean and healthy.

Building innovations that are more compact but still function well, are mandatory in the smart living concept. In addition to buildings, strategic locations and close to various public facilities and vital infrastructure are the characteristics of smart living residences.

Superblock areas, independent cities, to properties that are integrated with an integrated area or TOD, are evidence that the smart living concept is increasingly entering the property market.
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One of the places in the South Jakarta area that many people visit is Avenue of The Star. This open space is the lifestyle center of Lippo Mall Kemang, which is surrounded by Food & Baverage outlets from well-known brands.

In addition to these performances, interesting events are often held, such as a food festival or bazaar, and also an oktoberfest every year. However, since the pandemic period, these shows and events are no longer routinely held, related to government procedures and regulations that must be obeyed.

However, currently Avenue of The Star still strengthens the outdoor concept carried by the mall. Visitors are comfortable walking around outside without being disturbed by rain and hot sun because it has a "roof" in the form of an abstract ornament that is typical of Lippo Mall Kemang.

In order to satisfy visitors, the area is always playing songs that are currently hits, besides that visitors can also bring their favorite pets such as dogs, cats while paying attention to cleanliness and the comfort of other visitors. Not only that, for the convenience of visitors, two escalators are also provided as access to the Food & Baverage area on the top floor, in addition to direct access to the mall, there is also a drop off area for shuttle and valet parking, so visitors have quick access to go directly to the mall. Avenue of the Stars area.
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Lippo Mall Kemang is one of the places in the South Jakarta area that is visited by many people. This open space is the lifestyle center of Lippo Mall Kemang, which is surrounded by Food & Baverage outlets from well-known brands.

Matahari Department Store occupies the largest area, which is more than 8000 square meters consisting of 3 floors, starting from UG, 1st floor to 2nd floor of Lippo mall Kemang building.

The display and some of the merchandise products that are served are also different from other Matahari outlets. This is adjusted to the market segment of this region. Good fashion products for women and men, children and adults.

Apart from Matahari, visitors can also find fashion stores such as Dian Pelangi, Forever New, Paul&Bear, Uniqlo, etc. And after you do shopping or window shopping, you can unwind by relaxing and dining at a restaurant or coffee shop, there are various choices of restaurants and coffee shops inside Lippo Mall Kemang, which serve food & mix ranging from Asian to western style.

Tenan the mix is ​​made not too specific in one place, but spreads between fashion, life style, food & beverage products, and others, all from well-known global brands. Entering the lobby area, we are greeted by a large and elegant room with a ceiling decorated with abstract ornaments. To strengthen the mall's class, the lobby is often held fashion bazaar events or exhibitions of other products.
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Art: 1 New Museum is a special museum for exhibiting art objects. At the first this museum was just a private art gallery named Mon Decor. The founder of the gallery is Martha Gunawan, the gallery was built in 1983.

The gallery later changed its name to Art: 1 New Museum in 2009, and was inaugurated by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Fauzi Bowo in 2011. The museum also has an art room and art institution. The number of collections is more than 2500 works of art.

Activities carried out in the museum include art exhibitions, art seminars, discussions, workshops and art appreciation. These works become permanent works of museums, collectors, and institutions.

Since the establishment of the museum until 2022, the museum has collected many works. In fact, this gallery was recognized as The Best Gallery of the Year Award 2010. In addition, Art;1 Museum also holds the title of favorite gallery at the Amica Indonesia Award.

Art:1 New Museum is located at Jalan Rajawali Selatan Raya No.3, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. This museum is open to the public, here you can buy entrance tickets with prices starting from IDR 50,000 (students) to IDR 75,000 (general visitors).

In addition to displaying works of art, several rooms in this museum are also rented out to the public. Visitors can rent the museum for private activities, such as birthday events, fashion shows or private dinners. The maximum available quota is 100 people
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