Living room area
Living room area
Living room area
Living room area

Living room area's design

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Handling various interior needs, such as:

Is a residence or residence of a modern lifestyle, where comfort and efficiency are very important. Simple, functional but elegant arrangements and decorations, as well as the choice of colors and patterns greatly affect the feeling of comfort of the residents and also the added value of the apartment unit. The types of interiors that we work on include:
- Living room area, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, balcony
- New or refurbished furniture, doors, drop ceiling, wardrobe, kitchen set, lighting, etc

Showroom / shop is an area to sell and introduce our products, the arrangement of the shop / showroom must be packaged in such a way as to create a large interest effect. The types of interiors that we work on include:
- Showroom: includes cashier counters, show cases, display waiting lounge tables, counter tables, etc
- Restaurant / cafe: includes cashier counter, show case, service table, dining table + chairs, lounge, VIP area, buffet area, kitchen area, work desk, etc.
- Shop: includes display tables, show cases, cshier counters, etc

Office interior arrangement is more focused on work patterns and daily activities in the office. The work circulation flow becomes the main consideration factor in office interior design, with the hope that it can support work activities and increase totality. The types of office interiors we work on include:
- Main office includes office desk and chair, cubical office, receptionist counter, director area, managing area, waiting lounge, meeting room, pantry, etc.

- Making wall panels of shabby chic, American style, country style

- Creation of exhibition booths, promotions and events
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Apartemen Living room area
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